Countdown to 40 BUCKET LIST- Starts NOW!!!!!


 Countdown TO  40 BUCKET LIST
1.       Spend the night at the Rose Parade & Watch the Rose Parade LIVE!
2.        Lobster and Beer in Puerto Nuevo.
3.       Dye my hair RED! 
4.       Lose 50 Lbs. Minimum!
5.       Watch a New Mexico Sunset
6.       Take a selfie with a Llama.
7.       Learn a new Talent.
8.       Have a breathtaking moment with the man I love.
9.       Find the man of my dreams.
10.   Take a crazy adventure with a group of friends.
11.   See a country music concert.
12.   Drive a fancy car.
13.   Buy matching pajamas for Zach, Sol, and myself for XMAS photo.
14.   Take a road trip.
15.   Visit the Hollywood Sign.
16.   Go wine  tasting.
17.   Get a Brazilian Wax.
18.   Get a Brazilian Blowout
19.   Make out with a Brazilian.
20.   Hike Monserate Mountain – Temecula
21.   Watch a Vegas Show
22.   Play real CRAPS.  (Just once!)
23.   40 Photo Shoot
24.   Go to a NFL Football Game.
25.   Go to a Hockey Game.
26.   Go to a Baseball Game.
27.   Do a cartwheel.
28.   Do a 5 K.
29.   Be on or attend a live GAME SHOW!
30.   Kayak
31.   Take the boys to the California Science Center.
32.   Watch a gig at Amoeba Music!
33.   Visit the OLD Los Angeles Zoo.
34.   Bonfire with family and friends.
35.   Go two months as a full vegetarian.
36.   Volunteer for Burrito Project LA
37.   Take a short mission trip.
38.   Book a last minute plane trip ANYWHERE!
39.   Stop at the Dinosaurs on the way to Palm Springs.
40.   Stay in a tee pee hotel with the boys.


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