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Single Most Embarassing Moment of my Life.... and I have a lot!

As I went to the restroom in the local Walmart yesterday and saw this chair in the handicapped bathroom... I was reminded of a story I thought you would enjoy.

It was the same time of the year.  The boys and I were at the Ontario Mills Mall fighting the crowds and looking for Christmas outfits for pictures.  Sol was about to turn four and Zach was five years old. 

Being human I had to go #2 pretty bad.  The line was huge and because I had my entourage with me I had to wait for the handicapped bathroom to become available.  I was dying! Finally it is available and the three of us rush in and I hang my bags... I speedily lay out the toilet seat cover... and I sit down.  Aghhhhhh relief..... people you know what I am talking about.

Anyways... Solomon had just started to really talk. For some reason he was a late bloomer.   So he decides at this moment to speak clearly, loudly,  and in a complete sentence and says, "YOU GOING CACA MAMA?"  I hear all the giggles from the other…