Sunday, July 1, 2012

Extreme Fridge Makeover and Video Update!

 Day 14.

Today's weight is 232.  Spent last night swimming for an hour and will start doing it every night.  I so much prefer being in a pool rather then walking.

Here is a video update I did on Friday night... sorry that I am just now getting to it today to post.

Take care!

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 5 & 6 & 7-  The Highs & Lows-  The Ugly Monster Shows up Day 6

 Well... I have to say that I have been feeling great since being on the Visalus Shakes.  The pain that I have had in my arms for over 15 years has been gone for several weeks. Now I know that Visalus is not a cure for Multiple Sclerosis and I was reminded of that on Saturday when MS kicked my butt with fatigue.  But I have to say that all the other days that I have been feeling good... even great  has been totally worth it. 

Think about what 15+ years of constant pain looks like. Think about what it is like to have a pain every single day.  Some of the days worse then others.  Sleepless nights, crying myself to sleep, drugs, and depression was a result of my pain.  And here... I have had 40 something days of being pain free.  40 something nights where I fell asleep happy and woke up rested.  40 something days of laughter and quality time with my kids.  More then anything I have so much hope that I am going to feel better and get better.  I am so thankful for Visalus and what they have done for me.

I have been so scared to tell people about how my pain has been gone... ecspecially friends with MS.  Because I know how we are always getting hit up with cures and treatments and it just pisses us off... and I love my friends with MS very very much and I would never ever want to insult them.  But then... I think about my friends who are in Pain... like me.... what if this 90 Day Challenge could reduce their pain too?   I know what it can do for their cholesterol, blood pressure, heart, and on and on and on.  But what if they could be pain free like me?  I want to tell everybody.

I have been feeling a little discouraged because I want to run through the streets with my arms waving telling everyone about this great product that I am using... but people don't seem to care too much about health right now.  It's sad to me... but I won't quit.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exhibit A, B, & C!

I wanted to post these pictures of my parents fiesta.... here you can see the FULL PICTURE!!!!

Pics taken on May 27, 2012


I may be huge... but I was having a great time with my cousins!

Too many chins!

I should not be getting winded in a Conga Line that short!

Day 3 & 4 Updates, More Goals, and My Measurements.... O MY!

I am behind a day on my blog so I thought I would just combine yesterday and today. Yesterday I posted but it was for Day 2!
Anyways! I woke up this morning with a lot of soreness in my body! I almost forgot what it felt like to try and get back into shape. I mean you are pretty much waking up every muscle in your body, which mine have been dormant for over a year now. The sad part is that I have not even started working out with weights or doing any sort of actual training. I have just been walking. Ayayayayayay! I am in for it!
Since starting on this nutritional journey with Visalus over a month ago, I have felt pretty good. The last time I had this much energy was 100 lbs ago. Between working and running my kids around, I would come home and literally check out. I mean sit on the couch and stare at the wall! My house always looked like a tornado hit it and I would be terrified if someone tried to come over. Now, anyone can pop by my house and I will not panic... because I have been able to keep it up. Yes that is an invitation! I think I even ran my vacuum twice this week! Can you say miracle?
In the next 90 Days along with wanting to get healthy I want to clean up and clean out every aspect of my life! I mean get rid of the junk! So here are some new goals I am adding to my 90 Day Challenge.
1) Clean out my garage! It is full to the rim with CRAP! You cannot squeeze a fart in there!
2) Clean out my office! This is the room that has been the catch all room since I stopped working from home last year.
3) I want to pull out all my Scrabooking Materials and scrapbook again because this makes me happy. Makes my sons happy too! They LOVE looking at their scrapbooks!
4) Clean up the backyard so we can spend more time out there! Plant some plants! Right now since my house has had some construction... the backyard looks like poop!
Okay! So... I better get busy! I will def post before and after pics!
One last thing! The thing I dread the MOST! I was told that I need to post my Starting Weight and Dimensions to share with the world! Which horrifies me....but how can I hope for other people to be bold and start the challenge with me if if I cannot be bold!
So I am wondering... how in the world can I do this? I mean... measure a refrigerator and that is me. But... here I go anyways.
I am 5'4
Starting weight: 240

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 2-
Well Day 2 has come and gone! I had my two shakes and enjoyed an early dinner with the boys before we went off to practice. Part of my 90 Day Challenge Transformation includes me identifying the triggers that would always lead to me making bad decisions with food. One of those triggers is cooking for my two sons. I always thought I had to make for them something delicious and then make me something healthy. Just having that other food around, I would always taste it and eventually have a serving of "whatever".
So now I have the fun challenge of preparing dinners for us that we can all enjoy but that will also still be healthy. 
So for dinner I made the boys the same thing I made for myself.... just made a few small changes to my plate.

Kids Dinner
2 Chicken Tenderloins
Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, & Cucumbers
Sprinkled Low Fat Cheese
Trader Joe's Low Fat Cilantro Dressing (YUMMY!)
Side of Brown Rice 
Mommy Dinner
1 Chicken Tenderloins
Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, & Cucumbers
Trader Joe's Low Fat Cilantro Dressing (YUMMY!)
Side of Brown Rice 

Since I walk the track while the boys are at football camp, we end up eating again after practice. Last night I made them grilled cheese sandwiches on rye bread... and they ate every bite. As for myself, I just snacked on strawberries and drank a lot of water. I feel like I did fall asleep a little hungrly, so maybe tonight I will eat something more substantial. I am learning here.

On a personal note: Last night I had an experience that I wanted to share with all of you. Because I think it relates and is relevant. Last night I took my sons for some late night swimming before bed . While at the pool, some young teenage boys showed up and were rough housing and just being boys. I kept hearing them say inappropriate stuff, and I just ignored it. Right as we were leaving, I heard them make some very inappropriate sexual comments to each other. So I turned around and scolded them because so many smaller kids were around. I just asked them not to talk like that in front of small kids. To have some respect for others and each other. Well as I walked away one of the kids started to Moo at me. Long story short, I happened to know one of the kid's mothers and they were all reprimanded and at my door this morning to apologize.
But what I want to bring to light is not the incident but the way I felt. Naturally, I was so hurt by the gesture, even more so now when I am actively trying to do something about my weight. I know they were just boys being dumb boys. But how often does this sort of thing happen? Maybe not so upfront as in this case... but it happens almost every day. And I personally, am just tired of the rejection or prejudice. And the truth is, I, Jackie, will never be able to control what comes out of people's mouth or how they feel about fat people. Sadly, this will always be so. But the one thing I do have control of is me. I can't change the world, but I can change me. And that is the thought I want to leave with anyone who experiences this ridicule.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to my 90 Day Challenge!

Being the Queen of Diets, I have decided to take the word Diet out of my vocabulary and make a complete Life Style Change! Today I am starting the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!

Stay tuned for details!  Also, remember to visit my website!


PS.  I need a new camera man!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kicked out of the Dog Pound!

I don't know what exactly reminded me of this story... but I was glad it popped into my memory so I can share with all of you.

When I was in Jr High School, my sister Monica talked me into playing hookie and driving out with her to Hollywood to watch the Arsenio Hall show live.  She was sure that I could pass for a 16 year old!  The good ol' she left her license at home story was sure to work with her charm.

So that morning we get on the road and stand in line to get our tickets and then we had the whole day to kill until tape time.

Monica took me to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and we even picked up one of those "Map to the Stars" (I think this is where her love of celebrities begun).  Anyways, it was a fabulous day!  The time came to stand in line for the taping and I remember having little butterflies in my stomach.  Just because I knew I was about to lie to the nice people their at Paramount, and that never made me feel good.

Well, we get to the front and they ask me for my I.D.  So I go into the whole "i left it at home" story and even Monica starts her petition to let me in.  Well they were not having it.  Naturally, I start to walk away and realize I am walking alone.  Monica stayed there in line looking at me with this puppy dog face.  At this point, I am just in disbelief because she is really insinuating that it is okay for her to go to the Arsenio Show without me.  The clock was ticking and like I had a choice.... she already had one foot in the door and shouts to me to stay close by.

I remember standing there wide eyed with my mouth open in total shock.  I start to look around and wonder what the heck I was going to do for two hours.  I notice that right next to Paramount Studios is a cemetery.   It was not very large, just covered about an entire city block.  It had all of the old fashioned head stones.  I figured I could kill time and check out some plots.  Maybe I would find someone famous buried there.  So I go from tomb to tomb, admiring the detail on some of the statues getting real excited when I saw a very old tomb.  After awhile I was so into it that I forgot that my sister had totally deserted me earlier. 

Totally engulfed I lost track of time and proceeded back towards the Gower St gate to return to Paramount Studio 29.  When I arrive I notice that the gate had been locked, so I don't panic, I just think of maybe trying another exit, since it had to been close to closing hours.  Well I start trekking over to the Santa Monica Blvd exit and to my dismay the gate was locked too!!!  I don't know at what second it hit me that it was getting dark and I was locked in a cemetery, but I started to freak out!  I was screaming and crying and reaching my arms through the wrought iron gate asking for help.   Of coarse.. your typical Hollywood schmoes just walk on by and ignore my cries.   Looking back, I realize how it must of looked to the people on the outside of the gate.  They were probably more scared of me then I was being locked in a cemetery. 

Realizing it was hopeless I turn around and slide my back down the gate to sit and I just cried.  Monica had to be out  by now and would be looking for me.  She would never come looking for me here.  I just sat there and weeped.   I was really believing that I would have to spend the night in a cemetery. 

As I sat there, feeling cold i was hugging my knees sobbing when eventually I heard the sound of keys jingling.  As I look up, I am not sure who I am looking at... it could be the ghost of Don Knotts.... but he was not dead at the time.  All I knew was this very dirty, old, toothless man was looking down at me and speaks, "You should not be here."

 I am too scared to speak.  He starts to open the gate and I did not even say a word I just ran out the gate.  I was on Santa Monica Blvd... still a good block distance to Gower Street and another good leg to the Studio but I ran as fast as I could.

 As I reached the Studio I see Monica standing there all ticked off at me... I don't remember exactly what I said, I just know it was a quiet ride home.

The lesson here is to not play hookie!