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Kicked out of the Dog Pound!

I don't know what exactly reminded me of this story... but I was glad it popped into my memory so I can share with all of you.

When I was in Jr High School, my sister Monica talked me into playing hookie and driving out with her to Hollywood to watch the Arsenio Hall show live.  She was sure that I could pass for a 16 year old!  The good ol' she left her license at home story was sure to work with her charm.

So that morning we get on the road and stand in line to get our tickets and then we had the whole day to kill until tape time.

Monica took me to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and we even picked up one of those "Map to the Stars" (I think this is where her love of celebrities begun).  Anyways, it was a fabulous day!  The time came to stand in line for the taping and I remember having little butterflies in my stomach.  Just because I knew I was about to lie to the nice people their at Paramount, and that never made me feel good.

Well, we get to the front and they a…