Day 3 & 4 Updates, More Goals, and My Measurements.... O MY!

I am behind a day on my blog so I thought I would just combine yesterday and today. Yesterday I posted but it was for Day 2!
Anyways! I woke up this morning with a lot of soreness in my body! I almost forgot what it felt like to try and get back into shape. I mean you are pretty much waking up every muscle in your body, which mine have been dormant for over a year now. The sad part is that I have not even started working out with weights or doing any sort of actual training. I have just been walking. Ayayayayayay! I am in for it!
Since starting on this nutritional journey with Visalus over a month ago, I have felt pretty good. The last time I had this much energy was 100 lbs ago. Between working and running my kids around, I would come home and literally check out. I mean sit on the couch and stare at the wall! My house always looked like a tornado hit it and I would be terrified if someone tried to come over. Now, anyone can pop by my house and I will not panic... because I have been able to keep it up. Yes that is an invitation! I think I even ran my vacuum twice this week! Can you say miracle?
In the next 90 Days along with wanting to get healthy I want to clean up and clean out every aspect of my life! I mean get rid of the junk! So here are some new goals I am adding to my 90 Day Challenge.
1) Clean out my garage! It is full to the rim with CRAP! You cannot squeeze a fart in there!
2) Clean out my office! This is the room that has been the catch all room since I stopped working from home last year.
3) I want to pull out all my Scrabooking Materials and scrapbook again because this makes me happy. Makes my sons happy too! They LOVE looking at their scrapbooks!
4) Clean up the backyard so we can spend more time out there! Plant some plants! Right now since my house has had some construction... the backyard looks like poop!
Okay! So... I better get busy! I will def post before and after pics!
One last thing! The thing I dread the MOST! I was told that I need to post my Starting Weight and Dimensions to share with the world! Which horrifies me....but how can I hope for other people to be bold and start the challenge with me if if I cannot be bold!
So I am wondering... how in the world can I do this? I mean... measure a refrigerator and that is me. But... here I go anyways.
I am 5'4
Starting weight: 240
Chest: 52"
Waist 48"
Hips 51"
That is like a really large hourglass!
I have a lot of work to do!
PS:  This morning I am at 235.
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