Day 5 & 6 & 7-  The Highs & Lows-  The Ugly Monster Shows up Day 6

 Well... I have to say that I have been feeling great since being on the Visalus Shakes.  The pain that I have had in my arms for over 15 years has been gone for several weeks. Now I know that Visalus is not a cure for Multiple Sclerosis and I was reminded of that on Saturday when MS kicked my butt with fatigue.  But I have to say that all the other days that I have been feeling good... even great  has been totally worth it. 

Think about what 15+ years of constant pain looks like. Think about what it is like to have a pain every single day.  Some of the days worse then others.  Sleepless nights, crying myself to sleep, drugs, and depression was a result of my pain.  And here... I have had 40 something days of being pain free.  40 something nights where I fell asleep happy and woke up rested.  40 something days of laughter and quality time with my kids.  More then anything I have so much hope that I am going to feel better and get better.  I am so thankful for Visalus and what they have done for me.

I have been so scared to tell people about how my pain has been gone... ecspecially friends with MS.  Because I know how we are always getting hit up with cures and treatments and it just pisses us off... and I love my friends with MS very very much and I would never ever want to insult them.  But then... I think about my friends who are in Pain... like me.... what if this 90 Day Challenge could reduce their pain too?   I know what it can do for their cholesterol, blood pressure, heart, and on and on and on.  But what if they could be pain free like me?  I want to tell everybody.

I have been feeling a little discouraged because I want to run through the streets with my arms waving telling everyone about this great product that I am using... but people don't seem to care too much about health right now.  It's sad to me... but I won't quit.


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