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Anybody who knows me knows that I sometimes can have a way with words.  I love to talk...  I talk too much!  (Insert Run DMC "You Talk to Much" here) So what is a better way to blab to myself and any other willing person who will listen?  A Blog! 

But first... A Disclaimer


So last year a wonderful thing happened.  My baby sister Dominique was eengaged to her long time boyfriend Wade.  Right when that happened I knew that in the near future I would be having to squeeze my butt into a dress.  So... the dieting and the crazy work outs began!  Month and month I pushed to lose weight.  With that dress as my prize.  Well one day I had to go get fitted for a gown and I did what every delusional bridesmaid would do and order a dress several sizes smaller. 

Very long story short.... the dress came in.  I had a better chance fitting in the Chilean Minors Capsule then i did in that dress.  I was doomed.  Thankfully, some handy work of a seamstress in a cubby at the El Monte Swap Meet took care of my problem for $30.00.   (PS if you ever need an amazing and affordable seamstress I got you covered).  So not too tragic ending... I learned a lesson and the wedding was fab.

Okay... so somewhere in between all that happening I was feeling pretty good.  I was actually fitting in size 16 clothes.  And when i say Size 16, I mean the human Size 16.  Not that European Asia crap sizes.   So I did what any delusional dieting person would do and sold ALL of my clothes that were a size 18 or bigger.  Which would of been fine and dandy if I had not gained 10 lbs after the wedding ended.   So... yesterday I get out of the shower to get dressed and to my surprise NOTHING, I mean NOTHING decent fits me.  So I just laid here in my towel and worked from my computer. 

Every since the weight gain 10 years ago... (that is not a typo... I have actually been fat for 10 years!)  I have struggled with this.  It was not until I listened to a sermon below from Pastor Chuck Booher of Crossroads Church in Corona that the light bulb went on. 

If any of you struggle with weight.. please take the time to watch the video below.  You can also listen to it if you prefer.  Just check out the website archives.  The sermon is called Freedom From Fat.

This sermon was the first revelation.  The other few were somethings my dear child Solomon has said to me in the last few days.

First comment
I was laying on the boys bed stretching and my lower stomach started to show and Solomon said, "Mom, you really have to do something about that!"

Second comment
I purchased the Jillian Michael's Shred video and wanted to watch it before I tried it, and Solomon walks in while I am doing this and says, "Ughhhh, shouldn't you be DOING the workout?"

And the cherry on the top of my fat sundae,
I was walking down the stairs at the kid's school and the sun was shining O so bright and Solomon looked up and me very sweetly and said, "Mom, thanks for the shade"

That did it.


  1. Oh Jackie O, your frankness kills me. I will be looking forward to reading this blog from now on.

  2. This is great Jaks! I'm loving it. :-)

  3. Jacks,
    Awesome .. thanks for that, and my daughter struggles with her weight so I am going to watch the video and see of i think she will watch it and maybe it can help. Looking forward to your next installment ... No worries about the spell checks and grammar, I could care less and now i wont feel like i have to check mine...LOL Hugs

  4. Jacks, I love you and so do you boys...and I love everything that comes out of their precious mouths...LOL

  5. You are such a good writer with so many good stories, that this is a GREAT idea! I am so happy you are finally doing this!

    Thanks for allowing me to follow your adventures!

  6. U are too cute!! You have always expressed yourself so well and this goes back to when you were a little girl learning to talk! Love u!!


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