The Devil in Disguise... as Tamales.

Well now that all the Halloween candy is just about gone... and all we have left are Almond Joys, Jawbreakers, and Dum Dum Pops... I thought it was safe to start my diet again.  

That was until this morning...   I am convinced that the Devil came to our door this morning disguised as tamales!  I mean really!    Seconds before the knock at the door, I was just planning (for the 18th time) how I would start my diet.  Then I heard the knock... I knew it had to be bad.  And it was... we had several tamales to choose from.

  Even last week Yogi (My mother) invited me to  join her and Agnes (Will talk about her later)  at the pool to do a water work out.  Me thinking that this is just a pool workout am overly confident and say "Sure!"  Now I have not done any kind of workout in over a month and a half.  Unless you count the time I pushed Nikki in the stroller to go pick up the kids at school.  I got to the top of the hill and needed a defibrillator and a ride home.   So I guess it does count!  Back to the pool... I enter the locker room and I immediately go to the scale to see where I am really at.  I am too embarrassed to say where I tipped the scale at... but I can tell you that once I saw my weight  I practically ran into the pool area and did a triple tuck quarter dive into the pool and started to get my work out on.  Shortly after, Yogi and Agnes joined me.  You would have to be there to believe it but Yogi transformed into the Suzanne Summers of Water Aerobics.   She had Agnes and I doing all kinds of crazy exercises.    "Hold your stomachs in!  Watch me!  Your not doing it right"  It was funny and I was pooped after. 

A diet is when you have to go to some length to change your width.  

And I am a 4 x 4.


  1. Ok. So I laughed til I cried. Now get to work.


  3. I read this, thought about putting on a bathing suit, and had a mini stroke at the thought. Ugh.


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