Smarties (Not Beer) for your Horses!

Okay... super day.  Microwave version of my day is this.  Football Successes.  Solomon finished the season 9-0.  Now we have playoffs.  Zachary's team finished 1-8.  We won our last game with seconds on the clock, final score 26-20.  I thought surely I was going to have a heart attack!  Talk about your nail biters.  I just kept praying to God to let these boys win.  I said, "I know you love all the boys, but please just love our boys a little more." 

You would think the great games would of been the highlight of my day.  Or maybe the baby shower that I attended in between my two games where I won 4 Smarties Leis and the baby shower version of the Price is Right Game.   I never win anything.   It was a great day.  But I have to say the high light of my day was where I fed a horse candy at a gas station at 11 pm in Norco.

So let me set the scene up.  I just picked up Solomon at his friends house in Mira Loma... I am driving home and am very tired and it is late.  Around 11:00 or so. I pull into the gas station for gas.  I walk up to the window and there is no gas attendant.  I wait a minute.  Another minute goes by and now my wild imagination starts to take off.   Is their a robbery going on?  Is the guy dead in the bathroom?  I mean, where is he??  Just as I start to panic, I hear the sound of hooves hitting the pavement.  I turn around, and as if the situation could not get any weirder, 3 men roll up on horse back.  At this point I am freaking.  I am thinking... if their intent is to rob the gas station, they can't even do that because someone beat them to it!  The gas attendant is nowhere in site.  Let me describe the men on these horses.  Two of them looked like they just walked off of Dateline NBC's To Catch A Predator's Watch List.  The third was this hard core looking cholo. I was in the twilight zone. Finally, the gas attendant emerges from where else but the restroom. I give him my 9 bucks and make a mad dash to my car. At this point I am doing the super market sweep of gas pumping.  I am putting my cap back on and ready to blow out of there when I look up to find Horseman # 3 (cholo) and his steed staring down at me.  I am dead.  I am surely dead. In these seconds I am thinking about Zachary and Solomon... what should I tell them to do??  Should they run?  Hide?  The man says to me, and this is no exaggeration... "Do you have any carrots, apples, or pears in your car?"  Right now my eyes are closed because I don't want the man to see me look at him in case I have to identify him in a line up.  So I hear his question, I open my eyes and probably have the dumbest look on my face.  My mind is racing and the only words that came out of my mouth is "I have smarties."  (Remember I won 4 Smartie leis earlier in the day?)   He says, "Cool, can you give Applejack some?"  So I go grab the candy leis and start dumping the loose candys into my hand.  I get a good amount and walk over to the horse... wondering how am I going to do this ???   If the guy was a gentleman he would of got off his horse and taken the darn candies and fed the horse himself.  But no he tells me to put my hand out and feed him.  And me still fearing for my life does this and feeds the horse.  I thought he was going to eat my hand!  I just stood there and started to scream.  With every last candy devoured, the man says thank you and gallops away.  And I just stood there with slobber all over my hand and in shock.  I would like to see  Toby Keith and Willie Nelson sing a song about that!

And show me the gas station's security camera video.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

(I have to say the candies were actually smarties... not sweettarts.  But when i was speaking to the cholo, i did say I have Sweettarts.  So we all don't get confused, I just changed it to smarties.)

These Smartie Leis saved my life.
(Taken earlier in the day at the Baby Shower)

Pictures from that shower.


  1. ROFLMAO...that could only happen to you, lady!

  2. Like I said....only in Norco and only to you....hilarious!

  3. Jackie I have to say are the only person in the world I know that this would happen to! My goodness I'd give anything to see that on video! LMAO!!


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